Hi All!

It’s been a while between posts, but I still have been working away!

Since my last post, my novel has been edited for spelling, punctuation, and grammar .It’s also been re-formatted. Some of the description of feelings and facial expressions during dialogue, called “elaborated inquits,” has also been taken out.

So, I read over the edited manuscript looking for any mistakes or changes that may have been missed and putting them into my electronic copy.

What’s next? Two things:

  1. A querying quest for an agent. I’ll probably start the process again in September.
  2. Preparations to begin Novel Two. The details are still very tentative, but I’d like to write a prequel to my current novel. It will be told from the perspective of Jude’s mother, Ava. The plot will focus on his parents’ relationship, their marriage, eventual divorce, and the lead-up to her death. But new character details will be revealed along the way. I really love these characters so it’ll be fun to continue to work with them. I’m not sure yet if Diana will be a part of it, yet. Stay tuned!