Hey Everybody!

Sorry for the gap between posts. I’ve certainly been busy since January. I’ve gotten critique feedback from author and friend Joy Callaway. She and I have had several conversations that’s helped my understand the concept of “showing vs. telling” much more clearly. Basically, when you are describing a character attribute, a setting, etc., let the reader “see” it in action. For example, one of my characters, Josh, wears glasses. Instead of stating that directly, I mentioned it in a scene where he and Jude were talking and Jude noticed that he had a sad look in his eyes as a result of what they were talking about.

I’ve significantly cut down on the physical descriptions of the characters; both major and minor. I’ve  been focusing on things like hair color and eye color when I introduce each one, and sprinkling in any extra details in a relevant scene of action. I’ve used the same technique when introducing a setting. If I have a chunk of information that I can’t sprinkle  in in a place that makes sense, I cut it out altogether. So, for example, the backstory on Jude’s bandmates Ryan and Josh, has been cut significantly down.

I mentioned that I’d started writing the music for the song that the title of my novel comes from. It’s been really fun to do. When I was a teenager, I wrote piano instrumentals, but never a song with lyrics and music. I have the melody for the verses and chorus done, but I still have to finalize the Bridge that leads to the third verse and the lyrics.

Look for a post from me in a couple weeks about a writing contest called #FicFest. I will not be entering it, but I agreed to help promote it by participating in the #FicFest Blog Tour.

Until then, enjoy your Sunday!