Hey Everybody!

I wanted to share a querying tip I received from Mandy Hubbard, Literary Agent and Founder of Emerald City Literary Agency. I’d tweeted to her a question because I wasn’t sure if my novel would be a good fit for her to represent. Her reply was:

@hokieamanda: “any time you’re in doubt, just query. A query is you saying, “here’s what my book is about, would you like to read it?”

So, I’ll be querying to Ms. Hubbard in the coming weeks:)

Also, yesterday I participated in Literary Agent Janet Reid’s Flash Fiction contest via her blog. In a nutshell, it’s a contest that she regularly has from Saturday at 10 am to Sunday at 10 am. She gives contestants five words that they MUST use in a fiction story of no more than 100 words total. This week the five given words were: whisker, purr, tiger, stalk, prey. Here’s a link to Ms. Reid’s blog for more info: http://jetreidliterary.blogspot.com/2015/11/her-grace-duchess-of-yowl-flash-fiction.html#links

My entry is below:

I stood with the other two women in our band as we waited, hyper vigilant in suspense. We’d just performed for executives at Twitching Whisker Records. I’d fronted the way I always do, purring out the notes as I sang while stalking the stage to Lyla’s beat. Reena’s guitar solos diffused the room like a secret potion; combining to feel as if I were luring in our audience like prey.

Yet, I was beginning to feel like prey. My Tiger Lilley orange t-shirt seemed to melting off my chest.Here it came:“Yowl will our newest recording artists! Congratulations!”

It was fun to do; if I’m a winner or get a mention, I’ll post it. I’d like to participate again. Next time, I’m going to write about something other than musicians:)