Happy Labor Day. Everybody!

Mentees were chosen for Pitch Wars last week, and through I wasn’t one of them, it was a very positive experience. I connected with other writers and learned about the business. Based on what I learned, I think my manuscript is a better fit for an Adult audience instead of New Adult.

I also got some feedback on my first chapter from Mentor and Author Rebecca Sky. She praised my concept and the “voice” of  my writing, but suggested that I do more “showing” vs “telling;” particularly in my first paragraph.

So I’ll be revising my manuscript again for the time being. Since I received the feedback, I’ve been thinking about other areas where I can do more “showing.” I plan to cut, transfer, and convert some text to dialogue so the plot develops more naturally.

Check out Brenda Drake’s blog. There’s a link on the sidebar of my page. Her contests have been invaluable to me as a writer:) Thanks, Brenda and Pitch Wars Mentors!