Hi Everybody,

Since my last post, I finished my revisions and have moved to editing and getting feedback from critique partners. One of which I did find through #CPMatch. While I was working on my content revisions,  I noticed that I was overly descriptive when describing a setting, opening a scene, or describing a character in terms of physical attributes. As a result, what I’m focusing on at this point, is condensing my description, when appropriate, so readers are less likely to be overwhelmed with detail.

Therefore, the word count and number of pages in my manuscript continues to decrease. I’m about halfway through it with Pitch Wars almost exactly a month away. I’ll need an accurate word count to include in my query letter when I enter the contest.

Just for fun, I’ve always liked this picture of Kurt Cobain; quite the writer and artist, himself. In addition to being a musician and songwriter, of course.