Hi Everybody!

I’ve been busy since my last post! As I’ve mentioned, in terms of my revisions, I’ve redistributed my main characters’ backstory information. In addition to that, I’ve been cutting out backstory information that I’d originally written for more minor characters. I’ve also been checking to be sure that I’m not unnecessarily redundant in revealing the same information in multiple ways; such as in a character’s thoughts and then later in natural dialogue.

So, thus far, I’ve cut out 17 pages of my original manuscript. I plan to be finished with my revisions in the next two weeks. (Much sooner, than I’d estimated, I know!) At that point, I will begin working with a critique partner to exchange feedback. If anyone out there is interested, tweet me at: @hokieamanda or leave a comment on this post. I have one person lined up already, but would welcome anyone else!

Brenda Drake, author and one of the hosts of “The Writer’s Voice,” is offering another, separate opportunity, for writers beginning August 17th called Pitch Wars. I’m preparing to try to be a part of it.

July 4th is coming up, and because I love America and rock n’roll, I love this t-shirt. I saw it in Wal-Mart last year, but never bought it:)

Rock t-shirt