Happy Friday, Everybody!

No musical pun intended, but I read a very helpful post by Natasha Raulerson, Host/Co-founder of Whiskey, Wine, & Writing, a weekly webcast that discusses writing, editing, and publishing with professionals. Ms. Raulerson is also an author, herself.

Earlier this week, she posted about the difference between genre and target audience. As she stated, genre are the category of your book. Mine is Contemporary Romance.

But the target audience is something I’ve felt uncertain about. It is the group of readers your book is geared toward.  After reading her tips and considering the characters and plot of my own book, I believe the target audience to be New Adult; geared for readers between the ages of 18-28 (approximately).

Here is a link to Ms. Raulerson’s website and post for anyone who may find it helpful: http://whiskeywinewriting.com/author/natasharaulerson/

My revisions are going well. On a personal note, here I am with my two favorite people; my nieces: