Hi Everybody!

This week I began revising my novel using the feedback that author/mentor Elizabeth Briggs graciously gave me. One of the things she taught me was that, as a writer, you don’t want to dump a bunch of backstory information all at once. So I cut a lot of information from the first two chapters that I’ll redistribute later on and throughout the book to make it easier for the reader to digest. Since I can Cut and Paste and/or Copy and Paste using Microsoft Word, I’ve made steady progress and I think the plot sounds better (and definitely moves along faster)!

I have also re-categorized my novel from Mainstream Fiction to Contemporary Romance. Elizabeth shared with me that, when she read my entry during “The Writer’s Voice” contest, when she saw from my query that a Rock Star was involved, she expected a Romance; which of course, there is:)

My goal is to be done with my revisions by September. It’s amazing how many typos and mistakes you find when you’re revising that you thought you already caught! Though I may finish sooner.

I saw this quote on Twitter posted by Zara Kramer, CEO/Publisher at Pandamoon Publishing, a few days ago:

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”-Abraham Lincoln

Off to do just that! Enjoy your weekend!