Hi All!

I am helping promote a Twitter event that will happen tomorrow, January 1, 2017. Like #CPMatch, which I participated in in 2015, writers can pitch their manuscripts using the hashtag #QuerySwap! Writers can search the feed to find critique partners willing to give them feedback on their queries. For more information, go to the Event Host’s, Michele Keller’s blog:  https://michelekeller.wordpress.com/2016/12/23/query-swap/

Her Twitter Handle is: @ml_keller!

Though I will not be participating, I’ve found it essential to get support and feedback from other writers.

Have fun! Happy New Year!



Plans For The Fall And A Prequel!

Hi All!

It’s been a while between posts, but I still have been working away!

Since my last post, my novel has been edited for spelling, punctuation, and grammar .It’s also been re-formatted. Some of the description of feelings and facial expressions during dialogue, called “elaborated inquits,” has also been taken out.

So, I read over the edited manuscript looking for any mistakes or changes that may have been missed and putting them into my electronic copy.

What’s next? Two things:

  1. A querying quest for an agent. I’ll probably start the process again in September.
  2. Preparations to begin Novel Two. The details are still very tentative, but I’d like to write a prequel to my current novel. It will be told from the perspective of Jude’s mother, Ava. The plot will focus on his parents’ relationship, their marriage, eventual divorce, and the lead-up to her death. But new character details will be revealed along the way. I really love these characters so it’ll be fun to continue to work with them. I’m not sure yet if Diana will be a part of it, yet. Stay tuned!

The Fifth Avenue Artists Society By Joy Callaway Book Tour

Hi All,

Author and friend of mine, Joy Callaway, will be heading on tour for signings and talks about her book, The Fifth Avenue Artists Society, upon its release on May 31st. Check out the picture below for dates and locations or go to her Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/joycallawayauthor for details.

The Fifth Avenue Artists Society is available for preorder on http://www.amazon.com


See you on May 31st, Joy!



Now That The Fifth Draft Is Done…

Hi Everybody,

Last week I completed the fifth draft of my manuscript. I’ve revised and edited it to incorporate as much “showing” as possible. So the word count is now just under 100,000. I sent my entire manuscript to a friend for critique feedback.

While I wait, I’ve begun recording the novel’s theme, if you will,  with Randolph Walker. So far, there is a piano part, acoustic guitar part, and a drum track. We will likely add strings to it. Vocally, I will sing lead and we arranged for harmony in the Chorus, Bridge, and Outro.

It will still take a few weeks to finish, but I’m liking it more and more as it comes together.     Until the next update….:)


The Fifth Avenue Artists Society By Joy Callaway Book Launch!

Hi All,

Fellow author and friend of mine, Joy Callaway’s debut novel The Fifth Avenue Artists Society is being released. She is hosting a Book Launch event to celebrate!

Here are the details:

What: Come celebrate the launch of The Fifth Avenue Artists Society at the lovely Matthews Reid House with a book signing, Gilded Age music, and local artists including the talented Donna McKenzie.

When: May 31, 2016; 7-9:30 pm

Where: Reid House; 134 W. John St., Matthews, NC 28105

For more details about the event, book, and to RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/1706702232907033/

I am looking forward to attending and very excited for Joy! Congratulations! The Fifth Avenue Artists Society is available for pre-order on Amazon.com.



#FicFest Is Coming!


Feather Image by EL Wicker


Hey All,

Get ready for #FicFest, hosted by author Tiffany Hofmann!

Details are below (from Tiffany Hofmann):

What is #FicFest?

#FicFest is an online writer’s contest which helps put manuscripts in front of literary agents. This contest, unlike most, is open to manuscripts in ALL genres (including those usually excluded such as Paranormal Romance or Erotica) in the categories of Picture Book, Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult.
#FicFest mentors are structured into fifteen (15) teams. Each category that I listed has three teams. Each team is comprised of a team leader, and two (2) team members. Once the submissions open, each team will choose three (3) finalist manuscripts and one (1) alternate manuscript to advance to the agent round. This means that an equal number of manuscripts for each category will move to the agent round, guaranteeing that one category does NOT overpower another when it comes time for the agents.
45 manuscripts total move to the agent round, with 15 manuscripts being held as alternates in case one of the main finalists drops out of the contest for any reason. This is one of the things we stress in promoting #FicFest because most contests are overrun with Young Adult. In many contests, they may advance 40 manuscripts to the agent round, but the problem lies in the fact that 30 of that 40 are all Young Adult. That won’t happen with #FicFest.

Nine manuscripts from each category will make their appearance in the agent round. No more, no less. NINE each. Let me stress this one more time. In the agent round, you will have 9 Picture Books, 9 Middle Grade, 9 Young Adult, 9 New Adult, and 9 Adult. Everyone gets a fair chance.
We are adding more agents every day and while I can’t give you a solid number, I can tell you that we have close to two dozen confirmed to participate in our agent round and we can’t wait!


Here is the time line…

2016 Time Line

March 20, 2016 @ 12:00 PM EST
: Guidelines & Theme Reveal:
Host Blog)

March 27, 2016 @ 7:00 PM EST
: Meet the Team Leads & Their Members!
 (Team Lead Blogs & Host Blog)

April 3, 2016 @ 6:00 PM EST
: Agent List Announced
( Host Blog)

April 17, 2016 @ 7:00 PM EST – 10:00 PM EST
: Q & A with Team Leads & Host
: (Twitter – Using #FicFest)

April 24, 2016 @ 12:00 AM EST – April 25, 2016 @ 11:59 PM EST

April 26, 2016 – May 3, 2016
: Teams will chose their finalists/alternate

May 4, 2016 @ 10:00 AM EST
:Finalists/Alternate Reveal: 
(Team Leads Blogs)

May 5, 2016 – June 30, 2016: [


July 8, 2016 @ 12:00 AM EST – July 14, 2014 @ 11:59 PM EST: Agent Round


You can find most of the other information you need on my website and my blog.

Website – http://www.tiffanyhofmannauthor.com

Blog – http://writersnook87.wordpress.com



Sounds like fun! Good Luck to all who enter!

Taking Shape!

Hey Everybody!

Sorry for the gap between posts. I’ve certainly been busy since January. I’ve gotten critique feedback from author and friend Joy Callaway. She and I have had several conversations that’s helped my understand the concept of “showing vs. telling” much more clearly. Basically, when you are describing a character attribute, a setting, etc., let the reader “see” it in action. For example, one of my characters, Josh, wears glasses. Instead of stating that directly, I mentioned it in a scene where he and Jude were talking and Jude noticed that he had a sad look in his eyes as a result of what they were talking about.

I’ve significantly cut down on the physical descriptions of the characters; both major and minor. I’ve  been focusing on things like hair color and eye color when I introduce each one, and sprinkling in any extra details in a relevant scene of action. I’ve used the same technique when introducing a setting. If I have a chunk of information that I can’t sprinkle  in in a place that makes sense, I cut it out altogether. So, for example, the backstory on Jude’s bandmates Ryan and Josh, has been cut significantly down.

I mentioned that I’d started writing the music for the song that the title of my novel comes from. It’s been really fun to do. When I was a teenager, I wrote piano instrumentals, but never a song with lyrics and music. I have the melody for the verses and chorus done, but I still have to finalize the Bridge that leads to the third verse and the lyrics.

Look for a post from me in a couple weeks about a writing contest called #FicFest. I will not be entering it, but I agreed to help promote it by participating in the #FicFest Blog Tour.

Until then, enjoy your Sunday!





As promised, here is the link to the recording of “Rain” by The Beatles that Randolph Walker and I did back in December. I am playing the bass.: https://www.facebook.com/amanda.wade.3388/videos/10104030800136073/

I’ve been multitasking when it comes to my novel, lately. Querying, seeking critique feedback, and making note of writing contests being held. A few I’ve found are: #PitMatch hosted by Brenda Drake and Jessica Sinsheimer,

#FicFest hosted by Tiffany Hofmann, http://tiffanyhofmannauthor.weebly.com/ficfest-writing-contest.html

#Pit2Pub hosted by Kristin D. Van Risseghem and Ann M. Noser: http://www.kristinvanrisseghem.com/pit2pub/pit2pub-rules-must-read-pit2pub-annmnoser-digiwriting

Something else I began working on last week was music for an original song. In my book, Main Character, Rock n’ Roll Frontman Jude writes a song for the other Main Character, Touring Bassist, Diana. So as the author, I wrote lyrics to the song called “All That She Is” which is also the title of my book. Feedback I’ve gotten on the lyrics has been positive.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Happy Saturday!




End Of The Year Update

Hi All,


I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday Season! It’s been quite a year for me in lots of ways. So I’m looking forward to the break.

This morning I played bass on an acoustic recording of “Rain” by The Beatles and performed by Randolph Walker. In the New Year we plan to make a video of the recording which I’ll post when it’s ready.

Novel-wise, I have sent out a few queries and I’m taking a break for now. But will begin again in the first week of the New Year. I’ve continued to hear about more Twitter pitch contests that I’m thinking about entering in 2016

See you in 2016!


Happy Day Before Thanksgiving, All!

After getting stuffed from a feast tomorrow, I’ll spend part of Friday preparing for #PitMad on December 4th. #PitMad is a 12-hour Twitter party in which writers with a completed, polished, and unpublished manuscript can pitch their novel to participating agents.

I participated once before in June. This time though, the rules have changed. The opportunity is hosted by the wonderful Brenda Drake. Read about the changes and details on her blog here: http://www.brenda-drake.com/pitmad/

Fellow participants may retweet others’ tweets to show support. Agents may favorite a tweet to indicate interest. So it’s exciting to do and interact with other writers!

Good Luck to those who participate!